Woman Goes out of Town, Returns Home to Find People Removing Her Belongings

The woman claimed the individuals had "stolen everything out of her house."

A woman said everything she owned was stolen out of her Pine Road home in Dacula. Credit: Kristi Reed
A woman said everything she owned was stolen out of her Pine Road home in Dacula. Credit: Kristi Reed
A woman claims all of her belongings were taken by people who said they had been hired to empty the house.

The woman, who had been out of town for two weeks, returned to her Pine Road home on the evening of Jan. 3 and noticed several vehicles in her driveway. Three males and one female were reportedly taking items out of her home and placing them in the vehicles.

The woman recognized one of the men as a friend of her husband and asked him what he was doing. The man replied he had been hired to empty the house. The man, however, could not tell the woman the name of the property management group that rented the home to her, nor could he provide the name of the person who allegedly hired him.

The woman, who was scheduled to move out of the house the following weekend, informed the man she was calling the police. According to the woman, all four people got in their vehicles and left the scene at that point.

The woman then called the property management group to find out if they had indeed hired someone to empty the house. The agency representative who she had previously dealt with indicated she was no longer assigned to that property, but added she had not hired anyone to remove items from the home.

The woman informed the officer that everything she owned was gone. The officer asked her to go inside and look around, but the woman said she had no way to get in as the locks had been changed.

"As myself and officers looked through the windows, we could see furniture still in the house," the officer wrote in the report. "There was a couch and other living room furniture in the living room, and beds in the bedroom along with clothes on the floor. It appeared as though someone may have been taking things or packing up."

The woman said she saw no signs of forced entry and refused the officer's offer to check the property for a possible point of entry.

The woman was unable to provide a description of the people at her house and could only say there was a white cargo van with a trailer and a pickup truck at the scene.

The case is listed as active.

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jsid January 11, 2014 at 08:12 AM
Something sounds a bit fishy. A number of things make me wonder if the entire thing was not setup by the renter, herself. -she returns from out of town and just happens to find these people there -calls police but refuses any services from them -recognizes one of the people as her husbands friend but cannot describe any of the people to police Sounds to me like she was upset with the property management company and planned this whole thing to make it look as though the mgmt company did this. Trying to create a case for a suit?
Suzy Carraway-Kelly January 11, 2014 at 10:07 AM
Yeah that does sound fishy
Kathy Day January 13, 2014 at 07:45 PM
As the mother in law of the woman I can assure you that it is all legit. She called me hysterical and I told her to call the police. I rushed over there. The police did not show up for 45 minutes and only after I called them back. Although she didn't know the men with him, she knew the "so-called" friend and gave police all the information on him. We could not get into the house and the police checked all entrances to determine if there was a break in. It has now been 10 days since this happened and the Gwinnett police have not even contacted her about the case. Nothing fishy about this..the majority of her things were taken including electronics, flat screens and security system in the house.


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