Woman Punches Husband in Face, Later Bashes Her Own Head

A dispute over who should drive home escalated when an underage Auburn woman punched her husband in the face and the male cut his wrist with a razor blade.

A night out drinking and bowling ended badly for a local couple.

Police were called to the Stars and Strikes shopping center shortly after midnight on May 8 in reference to a domestic dispute.

The responding officer found Christopher Phillips, 30, of Winder, lying face down on the ground. The officer noted Phillips was “bloody and holding a razor blade in his hand.” The officer called for an ambulance and began interviewing Jennifer Anderson, 20, of Auburn, who is married to Phillips, but does not live with him.

Anderson said she and Phillips had been at “drinking and bowling.” When the couple got ready to leave, Phillips wanted to drive.  Anderson said she did not want Phillips to drive because he was intoxicated. Anderson admitted getting angry and punching Phillips in the face. Anderson then told Phillips she wanted a divorce. Phillips responded by threatening to kill himself and cutting his wrist with a razor blade.

During the course of the investigation, officers determined Phillips had been buying drinks for his underage bride. According to the police report, Anderson had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on her breath.

“She slurred her speech and swayed as I spoke with her,” the officer wrote in the arrest report.

The officer informed Anderson she was under arrest for punching Phillips and causing visible bruising and a laceration on his face. Before the officer could get Anderson handcuffed, she began to resist. The officer was able to secure her in handcuffs and get her into the patrol car.

“Once the door was closed to the patrol car, she continued to yell and scream obscenities as she started to kick the back window and the cage,” the officer wrote.

Anderson continued to yell and scream during the trip to jail and began banging her head on the Plexiglas partition. By the time the officer arrived at the jail, Anderson had managed to cut her head and was bleeding. The deputies at the jail refused to accept her due to her medical condition.

After securing her with leg restraints, the officer transported Anderson to Gwinnett Medical Center. Phillips had already been transported to Gwinnett Medical Center by another officer for treatment of his wrist injury.

Due to Anderson’s aggressive behavior, she was strapped to a gurney. According to the arrest report, Anderson continued to yell and scream. Hospital staff eventually placed a mask over Anderson’s mouth after she made several attempts to spit on staff members. Anderson was eventually sedated.

After both were treated, Phillips was issued a citation for providing alcohol to a minor and Anderson was transported to the Gwinnett County Jail on charges of battery and underage consumption. 

Other recent incidents investigated by the Gwinnett County Police Department include:  

May 2

  • Battery in the 100 block of Gregory Lane.
  • Simple battery in the 3400 block of Enclave Mill Court.
  • Amphetamine possession near the intersection of Winder Highway and Franklin Drive.

May 3

  • Simple battery in the 3200 block of Lakecrest Drive.

May 4

  • Motor vehicle theft in the 2900 block of Freemans Mill Road.

May 6

  • Simple battery in the 800 block of Charles Hall Drive.
  • Three incidents of battery in the 1000 block of Apalachee Run Trail.

May 7

  • Battery in the 3800 block of Fence Road.
  • Motor vehicle theft in the 1300 block of Bramlett Boulevard.
  • Aggravated assault in the 2800 block of Spring Street.

May 9

  • Burglary in the 3300 block of Ridgemill Circle.
  • Battery near the intersection of Braselton Highway and Enclave Mill Court.
  • Entering auto in the 1600 block of Balvaird Drive.

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