Woman Reportedly Slaps Man at Bar, Calls 12Stone a ‘Cult’

Suspect tells police that man had “been hitting on her friends and claiming to be gay.”

An altercation at a Dacula bar ended with the arrest of a Lawrenceville woman on charges of battery and disorderly conduct.

Police were called to in the early morning hours of Aug. 15 after Kristin Schramel, 23, allegedly slapped another bar patron in the face.

The complainant told police that Schramel had slapped him for no reason. The complainant added that he had not met Schramel prior to that evening and had simply been talking with her and her friends when she suddenly became hostile.

According to the Gwinnett County Police report, a friend of the complainant had some idea regarding why Schramel became upset.

“[He] said that she became hostile after he told her that he attends and that the suspect told him that 12Stone is ‘a cult’,” the officer wrote in the report.

The complainant and his friends decided to leave and were standing outside talking when Schramel reportedly approached.

“He said that he asked her what he had done to make her so angry and that, without warning, she attacked him,” the report indicated.

When interviewed by police, Schramel denied slapping the man. According to the arrest report, Schramel said the man had been hitting on her friends and “claiming to be gay.” Schramel reportedly said she did not like the man or his behavior.

Based on witness accounts of the incident, the officer placed Schramel under arrest on charges of disorderly conduct and battery. She was taken to the Gwinnett County Jail and released five hours later on a $2,600 bond.

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