Woman Reports iPad Missing After Movie Theater Visit

The victim was unable to advise if she had the iPad with her in the theater or had left it in her unlocked car.

A Gainesville woman reported her iPad missing after a recent visit to the movie theater.

The woman said she had her iPad with her when she went to the theater on the afternoon of May 25. The woman was not sure if she took the iPad into the theater with her or left it in her unlocked car. The woman did not notice the iPad missing until later that day.

Movie theater personnel were unable to locate the iPad in the theater and no surveillance footage was available.

The woman estimated the value of the missing iPad at $600.

In a separate incident, a Dacula woman reported her wallet and cell phone missing after a May 24 visit to . The woman left the wallet and cell phone in her vehicle while she worked out. The woman did not notice any signs of forced entry and believes she may have left her vehicle unlocked.

The incident is just one of many car break-ins reported at the Dacula workout facility.

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