Woman Grabs Boxcutter After Screaming Man Bangs on Door

Male suspect backs out of house after mistakenly thinking homeowner has opened the door to help him.

A Dacula woman was startled in the early morning hours of Nov. 12 when a man began banging on her front door and ringing the bell. The woman told police that the man was yelling “Help me, call the police. They are chasing after me!”

The woman reported that as she approached the door and turned on her porch light she saw a man standing up against the window looking in at her. The woman quickly turned off the light and ran down the hall screaming for her mother to call the police.

According to a Gwinnett County police report, the woman said she retrieved a box cutter from the kitchen and returned to the hallway where she encountered the man standing inside her home. The woman said the family does not typically lock their doors so the man must have just walked in.

The woman yelled at the man to leave her home, and he did. She then locked her front door and contacted the police. The woman said the man remained on her front porch where he “continuously looked around and appeared very nervous.”

Upon arrival Gwinnett County officers detained the man and spoke with the victim, who told officers that she did not think the man was intending to harm her but that she would like him to be removed from the area. Officers transported the man to the Waffle House in Dacula.

Reports indicate that police encountered the man again later that morning when they received a call about a suspicious person at the Gwinnett Clinic on Winder Highway. The man identified himself to officers and stated that earlier that morning he had been running from people who were attempting to beat him up.

According to the man, he thought a woman at a home was letting him in and when he realized that wasn’t the case he retreated to the front porch. The man asked police to transport him to the Ingles in Auburn where he reported he would be picked up and taken to his in-laws residence in Winder.


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