Woman to Convenience Store Clerk: ‘I’m Undercover’

Dacula woman later arrested for impersonating a police officer.

A Dacula woman who was reportedly irate that staff at a local convenience store refused to do anything about a gathering of teens ended up in jail after allegedly implying that she was an undercover police officer.

A clerk at the Texaco gas station located near Mill Creek High School called police on Oct. 25 to report the incident.

According to the clerk, several Mill Creek High School students were gathered near the gas station as they do every day after school. The clerk said the teens “never really cause any problems and they spend a good bit of money at the store,” so the staff and management do not mind them being there.

A customer at the store, however, was not pleased with the teens' presence.

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The clerk said a woman, later identified as Gazme Capanerridley, 44, of Dacula, parked in a handicap spot close to where the high school students had gathered. A few moment later, Capanerridley, who the clerk described as “irate,” walked into the store and told him that something needed to be done about the teenagers selling drugs in the parking lot. Capanerridley reportedly demanded the clerk call the store owner and the clerk refused, explaining the teens did not cause any problems. The clerk informed the woman she could return the following morning when the owner would be at the store if she wished to speak with him.

At that point, a second clerk arrived at the store and he too tried to address Capanerridley’s concerns to no avail. According to the second clerk, Capanerridley said she “knew people in high places” and would return with the FBI, INS and “other police” to shut them down. Capanerridley then walked outside and then moved her car to a spot directly in front of the store. The first clerk decided to take a photo of Capanerridley’s license plate. When Capanerridley saw him, she reportedly became angrier and informed the clerk she was undercover. The clerk told the officer he took that statement to mean that Capanerridley was an undercover police officer.

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