1818 Club's Food Service Permit Suspended, Reinstated

The dining club was reinspected a few hours after its suspension following inspection Jan. 31. It's 67-U score improved to a 100.

Food service at the prestigious members-only 1818 Club located on the top floor of the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce in Duluth was halted for a few hours Thursday (Jan. 31) after the dining club failed its food inspection, and its food service permit was suspended.

1818 Club Manager Jeff Campione reported Friday, Feb. 1, that the club was reinspected three hours after the suspension at its request. “We have a health score of 100 hanging on the wall right now,” he said. Food service resumed at the club Thursday following the improved score.

Also, the traditional late-night after party hosted at 1818 Club following the annual Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Dinner at the Gwinnett Center Feb. 1 was scheduled to occur at the club as planned.

Food inspections are conducted regularly by environmental health specialists from the Gwinnett, Newton and Rockdale County Departments of Health.

The food service inspector gave the 1818 Club a 67-U score when it was inspected Jan. 31 based on multiple violations that included a waiter handling toast with his bare hands, food not properly date and time marked, and expired food that had not been discarded. An employee was observed by the inspector handling dirty dishes then clean dishes wearing the same gloves. These violations were corrected on-site, according to the restaurant inspection report.

The inspector also cited the club Jan. 31 for a build-up of mold and debris on the ice machine and for a dirty microwave oven. Both violations apparently were corrected prior to reinspection.

The Jan. 31 report noted that the 1818 Club’s permit was suspended because of two consecutive unsatisfactory inspection scores. The club had received a 59-U score in a Nov. 7, 2012, inspection. It was reinspected Nov. 13 and earned a score of 84-B. Most of the club’s previous scores were As and Bs.

Karen Shields, public information officer with the Gwinnett, Newton and Rockale Departments of Health, confirmed that the club had been reinspected later Jan. 31 and had scored 100.

This initially appeared on Duluth Patch

Cowboy February 02, 2013 at 02:43 AM
I wonder if a 3 hour special "re-inspection" is standard, or was a phone call made based on who eats there ??? I remember reading a few weeks ago that one restaurant in Dacula was shut down for 3 days. also it's kinda strange that the last 3 scores were, 59,84, then a 67. and the WOW, a quick clean and 3 hours later, BANG a 100.... how impressive...My suggestion is if your going to butter the bread of the one that feeds you, at least keep the score under 95 to make the story seem true...
Jeff February 02, 2013 at 10:50 PM
I have been inspected several times, and the score depends entirely upon who the inspector is and what kind of mood this inspector is in. We had one inspector that never gave us anything but a 91, no matter how clean everything was, and another meaner inspector that gave us U's and the highest was an 86. So basically, I'm saying your health inspection score is pretty much worthless.


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