Alternative Road Project to Result in Significant Cost Savings for City

Traffic stick installation, new signage and road markings to cost more than $100,000 less than project originally approved for Second Avenue.

A project to improve the flow of traffic on Second Avenue in downtown Dacula is expected to cost considerably less than the one approved by the Dacula City Council last year -- more than $100,000 less.

In  that would have created a two-way entrance at the intersection of Second Avenue and Dacula Road. The and the  and included a sidewalk along the north side of the street as well as curb installation.

The project was delayed due to concerns the CSX bridge-widening project, which was part of the project list for the , would have extended .

City officials subsequently devised . The plan calls for the installation of traffic sticks on the right hand side of the roadway where one-way travel begins on Second Avenue along with new signs and road markings. Project cost estimates range from $2,190 to $3,125. The final cost will depend upon how many traffic sticks are installed.

One version of the plan calls for the installation of only four traffic sticks as a visible barrier for motorists who might attempt to proceed against traffic on Second Avenue. The sticks would be accompanied by a “Do Not Enter” sign and a sign directing motorists to use Wilson Street to access Dacula Road. The other version of the plan includes the installation of 15 traffic sticks -- four blocking the wrong-way lane of travel and 11 more to block off a long enough section of roadway to deter motorists from driving around the barrier and continuing towards Dacula Road. Road markings and additional signage would also be installed near the intersection of Second Avenue and Dacula Road to prevent motorists from turning against the flow of traffic when exiting the parking lot.

Next week, the council is expected to vote to abandon the originally approved project in lieu of the alternative plan.

“This is a lot cheaper solution,” said City Administrator Jim Osborn. “And I think it will work.”

The project, Osborn said, could be completed in one day as soon as materials are available and the weather cooperates.

explained that the cost savings will be applied to other projects that are .

In other business during the Aug. 30 work session, council discussed:

  • the possibility of authorizing Precision Planning to engineer a sanitary sewer system from the Stanley Road pump station to Lakeside Drive. City officials plan to coordinate with Gwinnett County to ensure the project will meet future demands.
  • options for a sign at the new downtown park as well as the possibility of installing a LED sign at Dacula City Hall.
  • the status of several city projects. City Administrator Jim Osborn said a contract has been signed for work to begin on phase II of the . Osborn also advised that bids will open on Sept. 14 for two road projects -- one for road work in Freemans Walk subdivision, the other a project to reclaim and resurface all of Superior Drive and Laura Lane and most of Mobley Drive.
  • the Nov. 6 referendum regarding . Petitioner Russ Weaver needed to obtain signatures from 35 percent of the city’s registered voters and have the signatures verified by the state in order for the issue to be put to a referendum. According to Wilbanks, Weaver obtained 35.2 percent. In order for the referendum to take place, the city must receive pre-clearance from the Department of Justice. The city must also determine the appropriate legal wording for the referendum ballots, have the ballots printed and advertise the election.
  • the upcoming annexation arbitration. On  an  related to the property near Highway 316 and Winder Highway. On Tuesday, July 17, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to execute a letter and resolution objecting to the annexation. The issue will go to arbitration on Sept. 26.

The Dacula City Council will hold its monthly meeting next Thursday, Sept. 6 at 7 p.m. The council meets at , 442 Harbins Road. 





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