City of Dacula Considering Property Tax Increase

Officials say city will lose money unless millage rate is changed.

Lower tax digest numbers may result in higher property taxes for City of Dacula residents.

According to Dacula City Administrator Jim Osborn, the millage rate would need to be increased to 5.703 from the current rate of 5.128 in order to avoid a revenue shortfall.

Last year, the City of Dacula in an attempt to partially compensate for lost revenue caused by a fall in the tax digest. Though the millage rate increased, most property owners did not see an increased tax bill due to lower property values. Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks said this year could be different. Any resident whose property value remains unchanged from last year would see a higher tax bill. Wilbanks said the taxes on his home would increase $44 a year under the proposed rate.

Unlike last year when the city did not receive any additional income from the millage rate increase, the 5.703 rate would allow the city to end the year with a $103 surplus. Without the increase, the city stands to lose nearly $10,000.

Since the new rate would result in additional income for the city, three public hearings are required by law. The dates of those hearings have not yet been set.

Watch the video for the entire millage rate discussion.

Citizen Against Tax Increases June 21, 2012 at 06:52 PM
There may not have to be a shortfall on the revenue if the expenditures are reviewed and the budget tightened up a good bit. All homes/businesses/cities/counties/states/and federal agencies are experiencing revenue shortfalls. Our budgets are cut in the homes sometimes almost weekly. The City of Dacula needs to know that they must cut their budget versus raising taxes as others are doing all around us. Some benefits cost need to be passed on to the employees which could elimiate the need for possible salary cuts to be made. Maybe some of the staff do not need access to vehicles/gas/uniforms/various supplies as has been done in the past. There appears to be other areas of the budget that could have expense cuts. Everyone within the City of Dacula city limits need to show up in force to protest 'No Tax Rate Increase' during these difficult times. The meetings are Thurs. June 28th 10Am and 5:30PM and Thurs. July 5th 5:30 PM.


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