Commissioners Approve Slightly Lower Millage Rate

Rate reduced .23 mils.

Gwinnett County property owners got a tax break, albeit a small one, Monday when commissioners voted to reduce the millage rate.

“The rate was lowered from 13.25 mils to 13.02 mils,” said Joe Sorenson, communications director for Gwinnett County. “The .23 mil reduction was in the bond levy, which fell from .47 mils to .24 mils.”

The vote was taken at a special called meeting of the . Sorenson said the reduced millage rate would mean an annual saving of about $15.60 for the typical homeowner. He said the drop was due to the retirement of debt.

"There had been some discussion about transferring it to reduce other obligations early, but ultimately commissioners decided against that, voting 5-0 to reduce the millage rate instead," Sorenson said, adding District 2 Commissioner, Lynette Howard, although voting to support the measure, was concerned the government would face another budget crisis next year. She warned it was possible the county would be forced to raise taxes three to five years down the road.

“The maintenance and operating portion of the millage rate remained unchanged at 11.78 mils and the recreation levy remained unchanged at 1 mil,” Sorenson said. “This vote set the 2011 millage, which pays for the 2011 budget year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2011).”

The budget process for 2012 is now under way but the Board of Commissioners does not have to make a final determination on the 2012 millage rate until late next summer.


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