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Dacula City Council Discusses Maintenance Building Bids

Next week's agenda will include a vote on phase two of the new Dacula maintenance building.

The City of Dacula received nine bids for phase two construction of the Dacula maintenance building. The lowest bid -- at $563,900 -- came from Hamby Construction.

Hamby Construction built the current city hall building and the company has experience constructing similar buildings. According to city officials, Precision Planning, the architects for the project, foresee no problems with awarding the project to Hamby Construction. A vote on awarding the bid will take place at next week’s meeting. Once the bid is awarded the project should be completed within 160 days.

Other items discussed during the work session included:

  • The possibility of holding a 2012 election if a for the city to hold a referendum on the matter. If an election is held, Dacula City Administrator Jim Osborn will serve as the election superintendent and absentee ballot clerk. Customer service representative Charlyne Fuller and Dacula City Clerk Kay Partain will serve as assistant election superintendents as well as assistant absentee ballot clerks if the referendum is held.
  • The possibility of issuing bench warrants for residents who do not report to court when issued a citation for unpaid sanitation fees.
  • The designation of Osborn as the open records custodian in response to a law change that requires the creation of this position.
  • A . This item will be put before the board in September for further consideration.

The city council will meet in regular session on Aug. 2 at 7 p.m. The council meets at , 442 Harbins Road.

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Cynthia Montgomery July 27, 2012 at 01:05 PM
It is a great service to be able to hear and sometimes see what is going on at the meetings when you can not make into them, thanks for keeping us all informed. About the elections, are you saying there may not be any one running against the current slate and that is why there may not be any elections?
Kristi Palmer July 27, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Cynthia, none of the council members are up for election, neither is the Mayor. The election in question is related to the liquor store petition and will take place if the petition receives enough signatures for a referendum to be held.


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