Dacula Updates Comprehensive Plan

City shares its vision and plan of action for the future.

The City of Dacula finalized its 2014 update of its 2030 Comprehensive Plan this week, detailing its view of where the city is headed in the future.

The 2014 Comprehensive Plan document — located on the city website and in a pdf copy attached to this article — is more than 70 pages that's chock full of valuable information in easy-to-understand language. It covers topics like land use, transportation, economic development and future growth.

In the introduction, the purpose of the plan is explained this way:

The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to provide a guide for local government offcials and other community leaders for making everyday decisions that are supportive of the community’s stated vision for its future. The plan should serve as the local governments’ guide for assessing development proposals, including rezoning applications and redevelopment plans. For residents, business owners and members of the development community, the plan provides insight into what types of land uses and development are appropriate at various locations throughout the City. In addition to specifc information on land use planning, the comprehensive plan also includes general goals and policies that are developed through examination of community needs and opportunities. The plan also includes a community work program of implementation items and actions that are to be carried out to achieve the vision for the future.

Read the entire 2014 update here


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