Darwin Supporters Take Their Message To the Streets, Again, to Defeat U.S. Rep. Paul Broun

Supporters of the famous theorist believe that even dead, he's far superior to Rep. Paul Broun.

Just 5,000. That's all Tim Denson wants.

If write-in candidate Charles Darwin receives 5,000 write-in votes against incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, Denson will be happy.

"I detest most of what Broun has ever said or done, and I'm sorry no one ran against him," said Denson, 31, who works in a retail job in Athens. "I'm sorry I didn't run against him, but this is the way I'm helping to send out a vote of dissent."

Broun's remarks about evolution being "lies from the pit of hell" sent Denson, who finds a creative outlet in protesting, over the edge. For Halloween, he dyed his full beard gray, donned a black suit and bowler, and became, for a while, Charles Darwin himself.

"At least 100 people have told me they've already voted for Darwin," he said. "We could do well, percentage wise, in Athens, because Broun isn't campaigning at all since he's unopposed."

On Friday, Denson--wearing a black bowler and gray beard--was once again at the Arch, waving a sign at the many drivers flocking to downtown for the UGA homecoming parade. He and others handed out fliers telling people to vote for Darwin.

Many people honked, waved and gave thumbs up signs to Denson and the handful of other Darwin supporters. Alan Black, 29, was one of many passersby who didn't take the flier, saying he had already voted for Darwin.

"Even a dead guy would provide better leadership for Athens than Broun has," said Black, a doctoral candidate at UGA in geography.

Christine Davis November 06, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Why are you even covering this? This joke is not even a story. Freaks like this need to be ignored, not encouraged. Elections are not a joke, and voting for a dead radical is a joke. You are just adding to the foolishness by making a story out of it. I'm disappointed. Paul Broun is a good leader, and a good man. I'm tired of voter shenanigans like this, and reporters who cover it and give them momentum that adds even mire to the foolishness. I just hope all the dumb ol idiots that ain't schooled in book larnin and don't got no PhD can get it together enough to be sensible and smart and vote for a living person. I have no problem with valid, Constitutional write-in campaigns, but writing in a dead man? That's foolish. Even a child understands that dead people can't lead living people.
W. November 10, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Christine, Shame! What would Jesus say? W.
Rebecca McCarthy November 10, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Dear Christine, Perhaps those voting didn't want to vote for a living person who appears to many, and I quote, "brain dead." Your news judgment is different from mine, because in my town--where do you live, by the way?--having 4,138 people who do indeed know that Darwin is dead vote for him anyway....well, it sends a message, don't you think? Whether the message engenders any change remains to be seen. For many--at least 4,138--people in Athens, Paul Broun is not a good leader. They consider him a wacko. And they, like you, are entitled to their opinion. Thanks for commenting.


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