'We Have Not Taxed the People Enough Yet'

When a tax, toll, or fee is imposed on the people, someone usually comes up with a reason to get more money from the taxpayers.

The recent events in our region of the state bring to mind a conversation I had with an elected official several years ago. Thankfully the official served only one term, but with all seriousness said to me, “We have not taxed the people enough yet.” This person continued, “There is much more money in the pockets of the people and we can get it if we let them know we need it.”

My reaction was immediate as I responded, “With that attitude, you will serve only one term.” My prediction came true regarding this person’s time in office. Though this person is gone, it seems that attitude is still prevalent among those currently in office. The scope and size of government continues to grow. There is an insistence on the part of many citizens that the government give more and more in services and handouts to some segments of the population. Unlike the Federal Government, Georgia cannot print money. Any new money or revenue stream will come from the hard earned money of the taxpaying citizens.

While it is obvious there are needs that must be addressed in our state, there is a need to cut the size of government not expand it. The collective thinking of government bureaucrats is always more and bigger government. When these bureaucrats join together in study groups, task forces, or think tanks, all common sense seems to leave the room. Many examples stand out just in the transportation area alone to support my opinion on this matter.

When a tax, toll, or fee is imposed on the people, there is never an end to the tax even though the project is complete.  While the enabling legislation might have a date in the future for a sunset of the tax, as the date nears, someone comes up with a way to bait-and-switch allowing for the tax to continue. That type of governance creates a deep distrust of those who are elected to serve the people.

There should be no surprise that anger and rage are continuing to build regarding the failed project of turning and issues such as the Georgia 400 tolls that should have been removed, but instead remain in effect.

The people in this part of Georgia are upset over these issues. The regional transportation group expects the taxpayers will willingly vote to raise their taxes another penny through a new TSPLOST -- "We have not taxed the people enough yet," they seem to be saying. From where I stand, the government has not shown itself worthy to ask for more money from our pockets.

Will the TSPLOST be another bait-and-switch? Do you think the tax will actually be allowed to expire in 10 years or will officials come up with a reason to ask the voters to extend the tax? .

R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew October 22, 2011 at 02:36 AM
The congestion will continue REGARDLESS of the tax project list – even the supporters of the tax have indicated “it’s just a START”. (Source 11 Alive interview) If it’s just a START- that alone indicates that it MUST run longer than 10 years to contribute a solution. So… on just this single premise alone, the pro stance FAILS due to deceptive advertising and the 6 MILLION dollars spent (or that will be) to market this boondoggle. The suggestion of ADDING YET ANOTHER LEVEL of government that must be funded is not HELPING. For businesses, timing is everything and to attempt to “market’ this tax in this economy and expect to have that campaign succeed is truly a sales job Extraordinaire.
R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew October 22, 2011 at 03:28 AM
This just adds fuel to the position that the ANY SPLOST, once passed will NEVER go away. (If anyone can point to one that did die - please do so) The real beauty of SPLOSTs is that supposedly they are a lot like Kudzu, even if you treat it one year, it’s back the next and then if you let it go unchecked for a season, it’s in there forever. Just check your wallet at the door because we don’t yet know what the boys and girls under the Gold Dome will come up with in 2012. Get back in there and spend Mortermer, SPEND! "'A Duke has been on this board since it was founded!" The question that gets answered 11/8 or 7/2012 is who wins the dollar... c/o Trading Places
North Georgia Weather October 22, 2011 at 12:07 PM
But you don't trust facts...
North Georgia Weather October 22, 2011 at 12:19 PM
"...not emotion like so many of the posters, most being emotional teachers" "... I can only assume they did not enjoy the education process that brings prosperity" Read those two lines. Do you see what you write? In the first line you talk about teachers being emotional (I call it passionate) about what they do but yet you fault them for that? But the following sentence, you gloss over the education process and about how wonderful it is for people. So what is it, are we doing a good job and making a difference, or are we not? You're still full of contradictions about education. Our tax system needs to be thrown out the window and totally revised IMHO.
Cynthia Montgomery October 23, 2011 at 02:33 AM
DW, I have noticed that teachers emotional posters. They take every comment as a personal insult instead of a person's view. If you do not agree with them, they attack. When I read other rolling post, they are much more logical & informative. When teachers come on board it becomes somewhat of a tit for tat for days. I can write 5 ideas & 3 be pro teacher & the teachers will zero in on the other 2. Teachers continue to talk about people while other bloggers talk about the subject. Just read the 5 post above this post & you will see what I am pointing out. If I did not value teachers & education I would not have spend my time within the system nor would I have encouraged my daughters to go into teaching yet, that is also lost on the teachers because they choose to attack. It worries me that they miss so much. Again, I think that it is time for the citizens to say STOP, let's take a break from this self tax & rethink what is important. I believe we can do without cool gyms & 5 more schools. Our kids have been in trailers for the past 20 years. It will continue until we begin our decent from the growth. Every community has a life cycle. We are on the verge of leveling off, then we decline. Look at Dekalb, Atlanta, or College Park. There are period of waxing & waining. Hall is on the way up! We are heading downward in the natural life cycle. It is time to recognize that & take steps to use our funds wisely. You can't always get what you want, but you can get what you need!


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