Gwinnett Cities Discussing SDS Situation

Conference call Monday is the latest development in the continuing legal dispute.

The lingering Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) situation between Gwinnett County and many of its cities continues, with cities in the Gwinnett Municipal Association holding a conference call Monday on the matter.

Randy Meacham, executive director of the Gwinnett Municipal Association, said Monday afternoon that cities in the GwMA held a conference call earlier in the day about the SDS issue. Gwinnett County officials were not involved in the call, Meacham said.

However, settlement talks between the GwMA and Gwinnett County have continued since a court ruling in September was issued strongly favoring the cities.

A settlement offer apparently is not on the table, as Meacham said Monday's conference call concerned what the cities might be looking for in a settlement.

The dispute dates to 2009, when the county sued the cities. At issue is whether the cities should pay the county for services it does not use, such as police.

Gwinnett County spokesperson Joe Sorenson issued a statement Monday that said: "The case is still under appeal but the county is still pursuing a settlement that is equitable to all citizens and businesses in Gwinnett County."

The disputed amount is in the millions of dollars. But as long as the matter is under appeal, no change in the status quo is necessary. For example, Gwinnett County prepared its next budget, which is scheduled for a vote Jan. 3, with no regard to the court settlement.

Meacham said the county's coming budget vote is not necessarily a deadline for any kind of settlement on SDS.

Part of the fallout in the continuing SDS settlement is that Gwinnett Police, as well as police agencies in several cities, can't use radar or laser to issue tickets to speeders.

Bob Williams December 20, 2011 at 03:26 AM
As both a county and city tax payer I'd like to see this issue resolved in 2012. We are not the only place in the state (and country) where local cities operate inside counties. Systems for agreements and cooperation are setup in other places and they work. Why is so difficult in Gwinnett?


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