Hunter Edges Past Beaudreau in Runoff for District 3 Commission Seat

Schrader, Brantley win their respective judicial races.

Gwinnett County voters went to the polls Tuesday to settle three races -- the Republican primary for the Gwinnett County District 3 Commission seat and two nonpartisan Gwinnett County judgeships.

Unofficial results in the  show Tommy Hunter edging out Mike Beaudreau by a margin of 50.31 to 49.69 percent -- a lead of 56 votes. 

Beaudreau, who was seeking a third term, fell just short of the majority vote needed to win outright during the July 31 primary and was forced into a runoff with Hunter. Dacula resident Mike Korom and former Snellville mayor Jerry Oberholtzer also ran.

Georgia law allows candidates to request a recount when the margin of victory is less than 1 percent. If the runoff results hold in the event of a recount, Hunter will serve as the next Gwinnett County District 3 commissioner since there are no Democratic challengers.

Both judicial races also started with a large field of candidates. In the race for the Gwinnett Superior Court judgeship being vacated by retiring Judge K. Dawson Jackson, Tracey Mason Blasi and Kathy Schrader advanced to the Aug. 21 runoff after receiving more votes than contenders Chris McClurg, Giles Sexton and Robert Walker.

Schrader won the runoff handily, defeating Blasi with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

During the July 31 primary, Emily Brantley and Pam Britt received the highest numbers of votes in the race to succeed Gwinnett State Court Judge Robert “Bob” Mock, who is also retiring. Norman Cuadra, Greg Lundy and Richard Winegarden had also sought the judgeship.

Though , she picked up just under 60 percent of the vote in Tuesday's runoff.

The unofficial results of the Aug. 21 runoff are as follows:

Gwinnett County Commissioner District 3 

  • Mike Beaudreau (I) (Rep) - 49.69%
  • Tommy Hunter (Rep) - 50.31%

Superior Court Judge - to succeed Dawson Jackson 

  • Tracy Mason Blasi - 30.17%
  • Kathy Schrader - 69.83%

State Court Judge - to succeed Robert Mock

  • Emily Brantley - 59.62%
  • Pam Britt - 40.38% 

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Floyd Akridge August 26, 2012 at 04:37 AM
Cynthia...I will certainally discuss this more with you in a while. I'm going to look at several other campaign results that I just thought about. One thing I'm wondering about as well is how much the focus on the national campaign, especially with conventions and the VP selection contributed. Probably will never know that one though. Did anyone hear what the turn out percentage in the county was? I'll probably have to figure out the D3 turnout percentage myself but just curious. I know it will be pathetically low...kinda like the 9% that turned out to elect a county commission chairman in 2008. Lots to look at and think about. Better than a steak dinner!
Maria A. August 26, 2012 at 07:12 AM
I am amazed at the arrogance displayed by some on this site, especially Mr. Akridge....or should I say "Mr. Know-it-all Akridge. I am a retired public school teacher....and some of the lowest students who moved into the districts where I taught came from private schools. A little rule of thumb is: Don't think of yourself (or your station in life) more highly than you ought. That advice could have gone for MB for the past few years. MB was too young to handle the prestige he apparently believed accompanied "his" position. He has been duly humbled. I hope he learns how to treat others. I must address the V. Hill post from a few days ago, as well as a few others when they have discussed how Tommy Hunter will vote. I have known this gentleman for several years, and have had conversations with him before he ran for office. Tommy is absolutely NOT "in" with the Bannister "gang" in any way. Although he is congenial to John Heard, Tommy gets along with everyone if he can. He will not be swayed to vote John's way....because Tommy thinks for himself. He is also not in the back pocket of Lassiter, Kenerly, Bannister, McKinney, or anyone else. That likely comes as a shock to some of you who are so full of yourselves you may explode at any moment. In your minds, some of you have dubbed Tommy as uneducated, unethical, and just plain dumb. He is non of those adjectives. I have utmost respect for him and expect he may just live up to my current knowledge of his abilities.
Floyd Akridge August 26, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Maria...I always find it funny when people talk about the arrogance of others while being nothing but arrogant themselves. Maria...I attended both public and private schools and hands down the private school wins. For instance, in private school my senior year I completed 3 1/2 years of math...an opportunity that does not present itself in public schools. Private schools are more demanding and don't take weeks out of the yearly school schedule for parties, taking up books before school is out, etc. the year is spent learning. Also contained in your post was how we here had dubbed Tommy as uneducated, unethical and just plain dumb. Correct me if I am in error but I don't remember anyone doing so. Seems to me you are making an arguement about something that didn't happen. You mention being congenial to John Heard. Fact...John Heard = Bill McKinney.
Maria A. August 26, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Floyd, you are SO full of yourself! Glad you think I'm arrogant. Thanks. Interesting that public schools do not allow 3 1/2 years of math in one year. There's a reason for that. Just so you know, parties are not allowed in most schools, and it only takes a short time to take up books, depending on the number of students. Nice try on your part for your judgment of public school affairs. You are out of touch, however. Glad you had a nice private school experience. That does not mean public schools are the evil stepchildren. There does not have to be an us-them mentality. I gave my opinion, and it stands. The attitude on here is that some of you present your thoughts, and the reader understands (that's called "reading between the lines") what you mean. We're not stupid, Floyd. Get over yourself and quit trying to pick all my words apart. Write about what you know and stop trying to denigrade everyone who may write something you disagree with. The word "congenial" means "of a pleasant disposition; friendly and sociable". In context, I was saying that Tommy is nice to John Heard, listens to his opinions, and makes an attempt to understand where John is coming from....whether or not he agrees with what John is saying. You have your mind made up, so I am not attempting to sway your limited opinion. I only stated what I know. You stick with what you know and quit trying to pick apart what I know and we'll be OK. I could debate you until the cows come home...if I had time!
J. Morley August 27, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Floyd I didnt bring up Bootdro and the attorney question I just kept asking about it until you addressed the question..... For the record John Heard and Tommy cant be too close after all John had Tommy removed from the planning commission in the middle of the primary....... Nice try though, but I'm pretty sure John was encouraged to make that happen and I would think I know where the driving force behind that came from. No Mckinney, Bannister, kennerly, Lassiter, Newton. heard connection to be found!


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