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Low Turnout for Public Hearing on Millage Rate Increase

Only two people were in attendance for the first of three public hearings on the proposed tax increase.

If Thursday morning’s hearing was any indication, there is little or no opposition to the City of Dacula’s proposed millage rate increase.

City officials have proposed setting the 2012 millage rate at 5.703.  The new rate would result in increased tax revenue for the city of approximately $103 or 0.02 percent more than was collected in 2011.

Residents whose property values have fallen will pay about the same or less under the proposed millage rate. Property owners who assessed values remain unchanged may pay slightly more. Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks said his property bill would be roughly $40 higher should the new millage rate be approved.

City leaders have proposed raising the millage rate to compensate for a lower tax digest. Wilbanks said the 2012 tax digest has fallen from $124 million in 2011 to $111 million for 2012 -- an amount that is $35 million less than the 2009 high of $146 million. Without a millage rate increase, the city stands to lose approximately $10,000 in revenue.

Belinda Cook and her daughter Ashlee were the only two citizens in attendance at the June 28 10 a.m. hearing. Though she does not reside within the city limits, Cook read about the proposed tax increase and was curious to learn more. She said more people should attend these type hearings.

“It’s nice to know where your money goes,” she said.

The is scheduled for this evening, June 28, at 6:30 p.m. The hearing will be followed by a

The public hearing and the work session will be held at , 442 Harbins Road in Dacula.

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Scott June 28, 2012 at 07:53 PM
Most people that are probably against this are at work when the 1st meeting was held. Hopefully more will show up this evening. Sadly, most don't know/care what's going on until it's too late. There needs to be big signs up somewhere alerting people to this! Property values are down (fact). Let's raise tax rates so the taxes go UP when the property value has fallen. I get that the city has to work on a balanced budget, but why is increasing property tax the first option? Show me budget cuts! Show me city income from all the commercial development over the last 5 years that was supposed to add tons of money to the city's tax rolls.


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