Mayor Urges Citizens to Protect Water Supply

Wilbanks delivers biannual stormwater address at July 5, 2012 council meeting.

The City of Dacula has several ordinances designed to prevent damage and contamination from stormwater runoff. At the July 5 Dacula City Council meeting,  reminded citizens of the need to avoid polluting area streams, rivers and lakes.

Tim Sullivan July 10, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Maybe he should talk with Tommy Hunter. Tommy claims he came up with a plan years ago when he was working at the county water department and it has been ignored by the powers that be ever since. Granted he has never said what is in the plan, but he does claim to have one.
J. Morley July 13, 2012 at 03:09 AM
You know Tim, every time you post on here I can see why my family and friends in Lawrenceville say they thank God that John Heard showed you the door. You do understand that what Mayor Wilbanks was addressing was storm water runoff and not allowing contaminants into local streams, right? You also know that not one drop of water that falls from the sky in Dacula ever reaches Lake Lanier--Gwinnett's sole source of drinking water, correct? Tommy Hunter has a plan to begin looking at ways to diversify Gwinnett's water SOURCES--and much of that has to do with the county actually realizing there is a problem and to starting to address it. And, by the way, Mr. Hunter did have a plan for dealing with stormwater and not placing a tax for it on the people of Gwinnett County. One that your puppetteer, Mr. Beaudreau, endorsed but that was ignored by "the powers that be". I swear man, you are the sorest of sore losers I have ever seen.


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