Noonday Poll: Drug Tests for Those on Welfare?

A bill making its way through the Georgia General Assembly would require welfare recipients be drug tested before qualifying for government assistance. Is this unconstitutional or a reasonable requirement?

There is a bill making its way through the Georgia General Assembly that would require people applying for temporary assistance from the government to take drug tests before receiving benefits.

According to CBS Atlanta, Senate Bill 292 was sponsored by Sen. John Albers, R-Roswell and was the subject of hearings Monday. Albers said the goal is to get people clean and healthy and back into society. Critics reportedly say it is an unfair intrusion, violates constitutional rights and that it assumes people going through tough times abuse drugs at a higher rate than others.

The bill is expected to hit the Senate floor for a vote later this week.

Terrie R February 23, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Not all companies drug test. If someone is wanting assistance from the government (using my tax money) then why shouldn't they have to prove they are not wasting what they do get on drugs? If they are not using drugs then they have no concerns with a drug test.
Paula Henry February 23, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Why not, aren't we drug tested before being hired for a job?
Sherry February 23, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Amen to that sister and brother, you darn right they should be drug tested. No more thatn you and i whn we apply for a job.......and if you loose your job because tested positive, then heck no i don't need to pay for your habit...
angel alonso February 23, 2012 at 04:31 PM
First of all under the fed. gov. it's unconstitutional,and if your going to make them do drug test,then lets drug test and US and All local and state rep. and i can tell you ,fact,because i do know ,we would have a house cleaning party ,,,,,,so what is next drug testing for drivers lic. people are so ,dummy,how much of your freedom do you want the gov. to control?stop and thank first....before making a misstake,like that doesn't happen already here in the US....AND for you that whats the q&a ,do do piss in the cup,for work too.sdt....
Bluedobee February 23, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Well Angel, with all do respect, an unwarrented search is also unconstitutional, but that doesn't stop the TSA from patting someone down without probably cause and committing sexual battery. Does it? We're already headed down that slippery slope. So I have no problem with welfare recipients getting tested for drugs. But what do we do if they fail? I think we need to give them an opportunity to get clean. Take that money and pay for a drug rehab program. Now, you have to be reasonable about how many times they can fail, but most folks would probably agree to three strikes and then you're out. The scary consequences for just taking away money without helping them could be costly to us. They'll turn to stealing, burglarizing, or whatever they have to do to get their drugs. There's a potential for communicable diseases to run rampant. On the other side, there is a chance that if they can get clean and stay clean, then maybe they will become a more productive members of society. It's complicated, but there is no doubt that people are concerned about using tax payer money to support a drug habit. And if you have any doubt that there's a problem, head down to the Grady Trauma Center the first weekend of the month when the checks have gone out.......I guarantee you'll see the problem first hand.....


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