Oberholtzer Promises to Offer Real Solutions

Former Snellville mayor running for the District 3 Gwinnett County Commission seat.

(Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Snellville Patch and was created from a press release from Jerry Oberholtzer's campaign.)

Jerry Oberholtzer, who served 12 successful years as city councilman and mayor of Snellville, will bring his governmental experience and savvy into the race for Gwinnett County commissioner representing the third district that stretches from Braselton, through Dacula and Snellville, to the DeKalb County line at Stone Mountain.

Oberholtzer, 52, and Roxann, his wife of 30 years, have lived in the district for 29 years -- almost their entire married life. They have three sons, Jerry and Matthew, both Clemson University graduates and Paul, a graduate of North Georgia State College and University. Son Jerry and (his) wife, Jessie, have the Oberholtzer's first grandson.

Jerry, a professional civil engineer and Clemson graduate, is a 20-year volunteer on the Northeast Georgia Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Roxann is a long-term employee of the Boy Scouts and all-around mom to scores of scouts over the years.

“Knowing how to govern effectively, building consensus, treating constituents with courtesy and respect and sticking to Republican principles will be the hallmark of my campaign and service," Oberholtzer said.

“Good schools, low crime, attractive neighborhoods: I want to build on those things and make them better," Oberholtzer added. “I know we’ve had our share of problems in Gwinnett, but when the cook burns the biscuits, you don’t need to remodel the kitchen. Gwinnett’s third district needs a new cook.”

“Dishonest land deals, unbid sweetheart contracts, airport proposals that ruin neighborhoods and grand jury investigations have resulted in a disconnect and a loss of faith in government," Oberholtzer continued.

"These are tough economic times and just saying no to everything, like Mike Beaudreau has done for eight years, isn’t working. Being negative drives away business and pours a cold bucket of water on progress and job growth. I’ll work to make Gwinnett the most business friendly county in Georgia.”

“I intend to use this campaign, not to complain about problems, but to offer real solutions. People who live here already know what the problems are: They want real leadership to show them the way to a better Gwinnett. I have the proven ability to keep taxes low, balance the budget, protect our neighborhoods and provide real-­time, honest solutions to the traffic problem," Oberholtzer said.

“I look forward to a spirited campaign, grounded in the issues, leading the way to a new direction for Gwinnett. A direction that focuses on the people already here; the people that have worked hard, paid taxes and built our communities. So at the end of four years, we can say to our children and grandchildren: We left Gwinnett better than we found it," Oberholtzer concluded.

Oberholtzer joins Dacula resident Mike Korom as a challenger to incumbent Mike Beaudreau.


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