Report: Broun Received Interest from Loans to His Campaign

Broun received about $30,000 in interest on loans he made to his campaign.

According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, 248 House members have used their positions for financial benefit.

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia's 10th District received about $30,000 in interest on loans he made to his campaign that were later repaid through contributions, according to a report by the group.

"During the 2008 election cycle, Rep. Broun made six separate loans to his campaign, totaling $309,000," the report states. "Though the Federal Election Commission was informed these loans were interest-free, Rep. Broun inexplicably received almost $30,000 in interest payments by the end of the 2010 election cycle. In addition, during the 2010 cycle, the congressman’s campaign committee reimbursed him $167,332 for various expenses."

Broun told the Athens Banner-Herald the $30,000 went to repay the bank he had borrowed from. The paper quotes him saying, “I did not get one cent, personally."

Broun, , was one of 248 House of Representatives members of both parties the report accuses of using their positions to benefit themselves or their families financially.

Brian Crawford March 24, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Broun is an example of the worst kind of political nepotism. He was elected to office based solely on the reputation of his beloved father who served Athens honorably in the State House for almost 40 years. Broun Jr. has proven to be an embarrassment to both our state and our nation during his brief tenure in office. This doesn't surprise me in the least.


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