Republican Lawmakers Call for Medicare Reform

Rep. Woodall signs letter asking President Obama to end “Mediscare” tactics.

Earlier this week, Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA-07) joined with other freshmen Republican colleagues in urging President Barack Obama to fulfill commitments made last year to engage in fact-based conversations on Medicare reform.

In a letter dated May 10, 2011, Woodall and 41 other Republicans asked President Obama to “stop the political rhetoric, work to advance America’s interests” and end the “cycle of debts, deficits and indecision.”

“Our entitlements are in trouble, our nation’s finances are in trouble, and it is time to have serious discussions on what we can do to fix our problems before our nation becomes insolvent,” Woodall said in a released statement.  “Conservatives in Congress have put forth a proposal that guarantees seniors fifty-five and older get to keep their current plans, while providing real choices to those fifty-four and younger.  Sadly, rather than join House Republicans in seeking a solution, the President and House Democrats have chosen to tear down this proposal with misguided scare rhetoric.”

Woodall said he was happy to join his colleagues in reminding the President of his promise to put political differences aside.

“It takes courage to lead on these issues,” Woodall said. “I am proud that the House found this courage, and my prayer for the President is that he finds it too.”

Woodall’s Seventh District includes all of Barrow and Walton counties, most of Gwinnett County, and portions of Forsyth and Newton counties.

art mayes May 12, 2011 at 05:37 PM
Why do they call Social Security and Medicare entitlements? I have been paying into these programs since I have been 18. As a 64 year old small business owner, I pay both halves. Since when is getting your own money back an entitlement? The government (both Republican and Democrat) was to be the trustee of our hard earned funds and yet all we have are IOUs and verbosity. If we want to end entitlements, get rid of all the perks given to the various legislatures and let THEM pay THEIR fair share. Their salaries alone are entitlements - let alone all the other benefits.


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