Sidewalk Construction Projects Nearing Completion

New walkways will connect Duncan Creek Park with Little Mulberry Park and Hamilton Mill with Auburn Road. Another area sidewalk project is planned.

are nearing completion.

Curb and gutter, sidewalks and drainage upgrades are being installed along Pine Road from on Braselton Highway to on Hog Mountain Road. Sidewalks are also being installed along Jim Moore Road between Hamilton Mill Parkway and Highway 324/Auburn Road.

The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners approved the $891,094 project in January. The project was funded with proceeds from the 2005 and 2009 SPLOST.

With recent rains, the grass alongside the Jim Moore Road sidewalk is already overgrown. Alan Chapman, Deputy Director for Program Delivery with the Gwinnett Department of Transportation (GDOT), said maintenance is currently the responsibility of the contractor. Once the county signs off on the completed project, the grass along the sidewalks will be mowed approximately every six to eight weeks.

“It will vary depending on whether it needs something more frequent,” he said.

The mowing is part of an annual county contract funded out of the GDOT operations and maintenance budget.

With the completion of the two projects, residents can begin looking forward to the next planned walkway. According to Chapman, GDOT officials plan to construct a sidewalk along Hog Mountain Road to connect Little Mulberry Park and Hamilton Mill.

Currently, a sidewalk runs along part of the park property and another sidewalk fronts part of the Hamilton Mill subdivision. Chapman said the plan is to connect the Little Mulberry Park sidewalk with the existing Hamilton Mill sidewalk at Patrick Road and Greenside Court.

“[The subdivision developers] get bits and pieces in and, with the SPLOST, we tie things together,” he said.

Construction on the project is not expected to begin until 2013 or 2014.

Scott July 14, 2011 at 08:28 PM
I can appreciate some of the safety aspects of the sidewalk. We know those are needed around here to keep people from walking down the grass and possibly falling into oncoming traffic. However, just like with the GA324 bridge issue why are they putting sidewalks in congested areas that will more than likely be re-worked again within a few years and have to rip out the sidewalk to widen the road and then not have the room to add the sidewalk to that project. Why are the DOT engineers so short sighted on the real problem of congestion in this area and addressing that and at the same time able to address pedestrian safety? I'm no engineer, but just thinking that it would be more cost effective if we only had to fix something once and not spend money now and more good money later?


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