Statham Upping Millage Rate by 11 Percent

The Barrow Journal is asking whether this is a tax increase or not and cites the city's higher spending as prompting the millage rate hike.

The city of Statham is increasing its millage rate by 11 percent, according to a report by the Barrow Journal, and the local newspaper is asking whether this is a tax increase or not

The summary? It may be a tax increase for some and not other — depending on how one looks at the millage rate hike. 

Click here to read the full only story posted by the Barrow Journal, which cites increased city spending, particularly on its police department, as cause for the millage rate increase. The department constitutes 41 percent of Statham's general fund budget. 

"No town government can thrive when a single department sucks away 40 percent or more of the town’s general fund revenues," the story reads. "The numbers just don’t work. (Auburn has the same problem, as do a number of other small towns in Northeast Georgia.)" 

Do you consider the millage rate increase a tax increase? Why or why not? What about the Statham Police Department? Is it too big for Statham? Tell us in comments. 

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