TSPLOST Opposition Fighting to Educate Public

Group claims transportation tax (TSPLOST) will not relieve traffic congestion and will not be temporary.

The Transportation Leadership Coalition (TLC) has launched a grassroots campaign to inform voters of what it says is the truth about the proposed regional transportation sales tax (TSPLOST). The truth, according TLC, is:

  • Proposed rail projects will not relieve traffic congestion.
  • TSPLOST is not a “temporary tax;” Ultra-­expensive projects will require billions more to complete than the allocated tax amount.
  • There is a 'Plan B.' 

Approximately 75 grassroots activists representing several organizations, along with elected officials who opposed the one percent transportation sales tax, gathered at Adventure Outdoors in Marietta to discuss the proposed one percent sales tax statewide referendum.

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“We put out the invitation to various grassroots organizers to meet under one roof and learn more about this tax. We were very pleased with the response from across the state as far south as Valdosta,” said Jack Staver, chairman of Transportation Leadership Coalition in a news release.

The result of this meeting was a coordinated effort to oppose the will alleviate traffic congestion in the metro Atlanta area. From this meeting and subsequent meetings and conversations, the TLC was formed.

The focus of TLC is to educate the public on , said David Stockert, chairman, who is also CEO of Post Properties.

The primary education vehicle for TLC will be its Web site, TrafficTruth.net, as well as e-mail and social media.

“MAVEN is well funded to the tune of $2 million some of which is through the unconstitutional use of taxpayer money from CID’s (Community Improvement District)," said Staver.

"We are truly a grassroots, volunteer-­driven organization that is self-­funded through donations. We dispel the myths about traffic solutions claimed by ARC (Atlanta Regional Commission) through our fact sheet, which can be downloaded from our Web site, TrafficTruth.net. The two-page document provides voters with real facts and real numbers that rebut every falsehood from ARC, MAVEN and Untie Atlanta," he said.

(Editor's Note: The TLC fact sheet is also attached to this article as a PDF.)

Other organizations are also opposed to the tax plan including the NAACP, Sierra Club, 9-­12 projects, Georgia Campaign for Liberty and Tea Parties. While  these groups all oppose the tax for different reasons, for TLC it's just proof that there are issues with the T­SPLOST plan and the tax across the board.

"One big question is why is it legal for an organization like ARC to use taxpayer dollars to tell lies and falsehoods to the voters," Staver said. "If the TSPLOST was such a great idea, why do they need $2 million plus an additional $6 million from Untie Atlanta for an advertising campaign to spin it and sell it to the people of Georgia? One would think they could deliver a winning message without resorting to lying to the voters. And finally, why would the people of Georgia want to give up local control, also known as ‘home rule?'"

TLC is encouraging public debate on the topic to include both sides of the issue.

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Roger Hale May 05, 2012 at 12:12 PM
TSPLOST is another political boondoggle brought to the taxpayers by the worthless officials that we have elected to represent us. We already have ELOST to fund worthless and incompetent school administrators who can't live within a budget. We already have SPLOST to fund worthless county administrators who can't live within a budget. And now they want TSPLOST. In Walton County, our misguided leader Kevin Little says people should vote for TSPLOST or live with traffic problems as the county didn't put any traffic improvements in the last SPLOST plan. How's that for arrogance! Everyone should start voting NO, NO, NO for any additional taxes. As a citizen, I have to live within my budget, let's make the state, county and school officials do the same. And more importantly, let's vote in some representatives with some common sense and not just great smiles.
Ed Varn May 05, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Spot on. Especially your last sentence.
Taxus Moore May 11, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Vote "NO" for the taxportation referendum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqi3uO8Amvs
The Other Donald July 18, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Not even those who oppose the passage of the T-Splost  deny that transportation is a major issue for the entire metropolitan  Atlanta. Not since the development of the Interstate Highway system has this city had the opportunity to address the issues of transportation which could  influence the growth of the entire metropolitan area. That was also 50 years ago! It is an illusion to believe that any alternative plan to that which is provided in the T-Splost  such as ‘toll roads’ could provide adequately for the growth of our city  which includes  the outlying communities as well.   Now is the time for each of us to invest not only in our future, but in the future of our children as well.  If the T-Splost fails to pass on July 31st the future growth of our metropolitan city will be imperiled. The opportunity is at hand to take the necessary steps to see that our future as a city is secure.   Please vote ‘YES’ for the T-Splost


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