Voters Closer to Atlanta Supported TSPLOST

A graphic from the Atlanta Regional Commission shows that the further precincts were from the city, the less residents backed the transportation tax.

The transportation tax that would have raised sales taxes 1 percent over 10 years to fund $8.5 billion worth of transportation projects failed in the July 31 primaries in all 10 metro Atlanta counties.

The closer voters were to the city of Atlanta, the more they favored the tax, according to the above map provided by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

In some counties, precincts near interstates appear to have more strongly supported the tax, commonly referred to as TSPLOST. 

The Atlanta District was one of nine Georgia regions to reject the tax; in the other three — the Central Savannah River District, the River Valley District and the Heart of Georgia District — it passed by just a few percentage points in each, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports.

Here's the breakdown of how metro Atlanta counties voted:

COUNTYYESNOTOTAL Cherokee 9,105 (21%)
35,280 (79%)
44,385 Clayton 16,750 (46%)
19,303 (54%)
36,053 Cobb 38,703 (31%)
85,412 (69%)
124,115 DeKalb 57,915 (48%)
61,792 (52%)
119,707 Douglas 6,383 (32%)
13,534 (68%)
19,917 Fayette 6,677 (24%)
21,712 (76%)
28,389 Fulton 69,064 (49%)
72,365 (51%)
Gwinnett 28,884 (29%)
70,273 (71%)
99,157 Henry 9,405 (29%)
23,371 (71%)
32,776 Rockdale 5,433 (30%)
12,484 (70%)


248,319 (37%)

415,526 (63%)


R++ One of the Famous Dacula Crew August 10, 2012 at 09:09 PM
I know the political pundits will be analyzing this vote for a while, at least until the next election, because elsewhere in a local Gwinnett election for district 3 commissioner a candidate stated for the record that 2008 was a really, really, long, long time ago… It also appears the current governor will be backpedaling on it for quite the while in preparation for 2014. Yeah some of us WON’T forget your stumping sir, or the - it’s not a “tax increase” increase per se’ logic approach - a real classic for the ages, probably developed and patent pending by Nancy Pelosi… But just looking where it DID pass STATEWIDE, it would seem to be in media news/cable markets that DIDN’T solely carry Atlanta based NEWS programming. Could the failure be so simple as constantly telling EVERYONE north of MACON that it was all to UNTIE Atlanta? Could SUCH a whoopin’ really be due to such a simple miscue from the money “mavens”? In Gwinnet, you occasionally caught a cable system ad focused on Gwinnett but far and away the BIG focus was ATLANTA. I saw the MOST Gwinnett based ads during SyFy programming which seemed oddly appropriate at the time as the library has been grouping fiction together for years too. I’m not certain of it showed up during WWE as I’m not a fan, but again, it would seem oddly appropriate if it did…
M.K. OSBORNE August 10, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Lumping Marta in the mix killed it DOA with the non Marta crowd .


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