Woodall Grilled Over GOP Medicare Reform Plan

Town hall attendees express concern over potential benefit cuts.

More than 75 people were in attendance at Rep. Rob Woodall’s May 21 town hall meeting at . Though a few constituents asked about health care reform and the FairTax, the vast majority of questions centered around a (see video).

According to GOP lawmakers, changes would not affect those currently 55 years of age or older. Under the proposal, eligible recipients would receive a federal voucher or subsidy for use towards the purchase of a private insurance plan. If the reform proposal is enacted, private insurers -- not the federal government -- would issue payments for medical care and compete for business from those covered under the plan.

Rep. Woodall said the goal of the Medicare reform proposal is to keep the program solvent.

“I know Medicare isn’t going to be there for me if we don’t make changes,” he said. “I know Medicare might be there if do we make changes.”

Earlier this month, Woodall joined with 41 other freshmen Republican colleagues in urging President Barack Obama to fulfill commitments made last year to engage in fact-based conversations on Medicare reform.

“Our entitlements are in trouble, our nation’s finances are in trouble, and it is time to have serious discussions on what we can do to fix our problems before our nation becomes insolvent,” Woodall said in a May 11 press release.  “Conservatives in Congress have put forth a proposal that guarantees seniors fifty-five and older get to keep their current plans, while providing real choices to those fifty-four and younger.” 

Woodall took questions for just over an hour during Saturday’s meeting. He thanked those in attendance and promised to hold another town hall meeting in the near future. Woodall’s next scheduled appearance in Dacula is the on Monday, May 30.

Woodall’s 7th Congressional District includes all of Barrow and Walton counties, most of Gwinnett County, and portions of Forsyth and Newton counties.

vancenolan May 22, 2011 at 04:15 AM
I dont feel like i should be forced to have health insurance, I think everyone would like to have health insurance if they could afford it. If you need affordable health insurance search online "Penny Health Insurance" or you dont want to be with out insurance any time.
Alice O'Lenick May 22, 2011 at 04:32 PM
@ Mark you don't understand the Fair Tax read the books. Medicare and Social Security are a problem that has been "kicked down the road" for too long. They are both intended to help not be the sole means of support. Complicated and will take time to come up with the correct solution but it needs to be addressed now before we are in a crisis situation.
Jimmy Capatelli May 23, 2011 at 11:48 PM
I'm confused. Here's Rob Woodall, telling us how much he hates "the government" and how no one should depend on it. But doesn't Woodall get paid over $174,000 per year, all of it coming from "the government"? And hasn't Woodall been working for no one but "the government" for many, many years? And doesn't Woodall get a very large and very generous guaranteed pension when he retires, all from "the government"? And doesn't Woodall receive excellent, guaranteed health care that covers almost everything imaginable, at very little cost, for the rest of his life? And isn't that completely paid for by "the government"? Funny. When it comes to having our government help average income, hard-working seniors get medical coverage that they can depend on, Woodall gives a us a lecture about "self-reliance" and not depending on the government. But when it comes to his own very nice salary, generous vacation, health care, retirement and other luxuries, Woodall is more than happy to accept all of that and more from the government. I think I get the message, Congressman Woodall: "Do as I say. Not as I do." Hypocrites know no shame.
Really? Really? May 25, 2011 at 07:27 PM
Jimmy, that was awesome! Woodall and pretty much every other republican live this very same hypocritical life, calling themselves patriots while bashing the government and it's employees and taking full advantage of every freebie they can get their hands on. A bunch of rich scavengers, yet they can't understand how 1) people could choose to be poor and 2) people can complain when they are poor. All supported by an odd collection of seniors working against their own interests, poor dummies rallied by religion and Dixie, and a whole lot of self-interested rich folks trying to keep from having to pay for the society they are prospering in.
Really? Really? May 25, 2011 at 07:29 PM
Alice, your man Woodall says social security is the least of our problems. That would make it another "phony crisis", wouldn't it?


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