A Time for Change in District 3

When does political inexperience outweigh political experience?

This .  You have the experienced incumbent, .  Also, you have the experienced ex-mayor of Snellville, .  And, then there is the experienced long-term Gwinnett County employee .  Last, the least experienced in the field of politics is .

From what I know and what I have read, all of the candidates seem like fine people that would do a decent job as commissioner.  But, something makes me like one candidate more than the other three.  At the same time, something makes me like three of the candidates less.  And that factor is that one candidate, Mike Korom, is less experienced than the others.  What you might think is a negative, I consider a positive.

I like Mike Korom as a person.  He is sincere and does not answer questions with political jargon. Nor does he avoid questions.  Just as importantly, I have to believe that a person who has been successful in running his own business has to be competent enough to have a say in running our county.  And, my belief is that we need "new blood" on the Board of Commissioners.  Re-electing the same old people to the same old positions will keep the status quo.  What I'd like to see more of is regular citizens holding local leadership positions.

Back in 1980, Ronald Reagan was the outsider.  Even the Republican Party wasn't thrilled to see him nominated.  But, Reagan held firm positions on issues and had a sincere desire to help our country change its course.  And, you know what?  In time of need, people gravitate to someone that they can trust and that they can follow.

So, I say "let's give the new guy a chance".  Let's see what he will do.  Let's see if he has the "fire in the belly" to make some changes in Gwinnett County.

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Ed Varn June 27, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Good idea, Floyd. For me, I expect SCOTUS to take the easy way out by denying the individual mandate while leaving the rest of it intact, thus making the whole law moot.
Ron McClellan June 27, 2012 at 05:31 PM
FLOYD: So that's a no then Ron...Too bad...I was hoping you'd have the courage to answer but frankly I really didn't think you would... RON: It isn't a courage issue, heheh. It's a "none of your business" issue, plus it's kinda funny watching you struggle and try to find a way out of the fix you got yourself in. FLOYD: My positions are completely supported....the fault is mine though...I really am having trouble breaking it down into terms you can understand. RON: Oh I understand what your grade-school level generic insults mean, heheh. It's just that they're weak. FLOYD: But you are doing nothing to me. Your hysterical rantings are about as impressive as a Harry Reid news conference. RON: Yea, I am doing something to you. An number of folks here are. What is that? "Spankin ya" . . .and pretty badly. You're a MIke Beaudreau shill, Floyd . . .which speaks to Mikes integrity quite loudly. FLOYD:: You are indeed handing something to me but the volume of flies give the contents away. RON: Another alleged "burn" that simply fizzled out, Floyd. Kinda sad.
Ron McClellan June 27, 2012 at 05:38 PM
So what you're saying is, you want to change the subject, because . . .well . . .you ain't doing Mike any favors with your insulting crap that mostly just ends up biting you in the ass. For that, I can't blame you. But hey, the damage you did to Mikes campaign is in the best interest of District 3, thankfully. Good job Floyd, keep up the mediocre work.
Ron McClellan June 27, 2012 at 05:45 PM
I'm sort of of a similar opinion on this as you, Ed, but I think they may "draw a black line" through other specific sections of it too, beyond the individual mandate. On the other hand, the Supreme Court really does try to keep their decisions as narrow in focus as they can. I'll also say that this has nothing to do with the topic of the thread, it was just Floyd trying to dig himself out of a hole. Great topic . . .but for another article.
M.K. OSBORNE June 30, 2012 at 01:00 AM
J. Morley , Looks like Tommy's one issue water has been put to rest by the courts . I guess he is done , You know kinda like you said of Korom and the Airport.


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