Dacula Restaurant Scores: Multiple Food Items Held Past Expiration Date

Check out new health department reports in the Dacula area.

Dacula-area restaurant inspections
Dacula-area restaurant inspections

Recent restaurant inspections in the Dacula area, conducted by the Gwinnett County Health Department.


Del Rio Mexican Restaurant

1342 Auburn Road

Score: 91/A

Date: April; 30, 2014

Previous scores: 91/A (10/23/13); 93/A (5/22/13)

Remarks: Queso dip being hot held between 105F and 130F. Queso all reheated to proper temperature. All potentially hazardous foods must be hot held at 135f or above.

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Shenanigan’s Sports Bar and Grill

1250 Auburn Road

Score: 75/C

Date: April 30, 2014

Previous scores: 87/B (11/27/13); 90/A (5/22/13)

Remarks: Employee drinking from a non disposable cup with no lid or straw. drink stored on prep table. Drink removed from food prep area. Can opener and mixer had dried food debris. Pork cooling not at/below 70F within 2 hours. Ham, turkey, roast beef and cheese not date marked. Multiple items past 7 day discard date. Service chemical bottles not labeled with the common name of the chemical

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Dooley’s Southern Stone Pizza

1862 Auburn Road, Suite 113

Score: 88/B

Date: May 2, 2014

Previous scores: 80/B (2/25/14); 75/C (2/17/14)

Remarks: Did not reheat meatballs to 165F before putting into hot hold unit. Meatballs reheated. All foods must be reheated to at least 165F for hot holding. Hot water not available in the bathrooms.

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