GCPS Adds More Healthy Options to School Lunches

Prices for lunch and breakfast at Gwinnett County schools will remain the same for the 2012-2013 school year.

Following the popularity of healthy additions last year, Gwinnett County Public Schools will be adding more options that pack a better nutritional punch.

New menu selections at schools throughout the county include:

  • Asian bowls with Lo Mein and veggies 
  • Baked sweet potato waffle fries 
  • Banana yogurt bars with fresh fruit toppings 
  • Whole grain biscuit breakfast sandwiches 
  • Cuban, Greek, and Hawaiian specialty sandwiches 
  • Whole grain flat bread pizzas spicy grilled chicken filet sandwiches

Below is a breakdown of the 21,607,762 student lunches and 10,671,375 student breakfasts served in the 2011-2012 school year:

  • Whole grain pizza - 3,143,900 servings 
  • 100% orange juice - 3,086,020 servings 
  • Assorted side salads - 2,924,092 servings 
  • Low fat strawberry yogurt - 1,912,192 servings 
  • Premium, all white meat chicken chunks - 1,443,114 servings 
  • Spring water - 1,083,096 bottles
  • Assorted chef salads - 651,691 servings 
  • Fresh local apples - 462,750 servings 
  • Fresh local watermelon - 439,900 servings 
  • Fresh local bell peppers - 146,412 servings 
  • Fresh local broccoli - 22,344 servings


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