Kaitlyn Robertson, Miss Georgia Teen American Coed

Mill Creek High School junior runs a foundation which helps troops call home while overseas.

Kaitlyn Roberston

Junior, Mill Creek High School

Accomplishment: Kaitlyn Robertson is the reigning Miss Georgia Teen American Coed. She is heavily involved in charity work and community service is the founder of Kaitlyn Kares. This foundation accepts donations of used cell phones, which can be exchanged for phone cards. The phone cards are then sent to American soldiers fighting abroad so they can call their families and friends back in the States.

Key to Success: The 17-year-old student was inspired to start a foundation based in helping soldiers communicate with their families because of her father’s and grandfather’s military service. She said the strain from not being able to see or hear from loved ones while they’re away can be very trying on families.

“My dad missed my brother’s first birthday because he was overseas in the military,” Robertson said. “It just all added up and I made my foundation.”

Being heavily involved in pageants and community service has also provided Robertson other opportunities to give back and be recognized. She has been involved in Relay for Life at Mill Creek, a foundation that raises money for the American Cancer Society. Robertson has also helped out with the Special Olympics and got to lead one of the teams in the opening ceremonies.

But one of Robertson’s highest rewards for her work came in the form of the Presidential Service Award. Robertson received the award after participating in 300 hours of community service in 12 months, which qualified her for the gold level of the award.

Robertson said she still plans in participating in pageants in the future and maintaining her foundation throughout the rest of her time at Mill Creek and after graduation. Anyone who is interested in donating a cell phone to foundation can reach Robertson by email at kaitlynkares@gmail.com.

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