Talkin' Baseball ... Baseball Cards, That Is

What's a 1966 Pete Rose card worth? Share your thoughts.

They largely have gone the way of coin collections, but baseball cards once were a staple of life for the young boys of summer.

With another Major League Baseball season starting, it's time to take a look at something that is, even if it's passe, still a part of the lore of the national pastime.

As a youngster, I was an avid collector. Cards pictured here are of Hank Aaron, until recently baseball's all-time home run leader, and Joe Torre, the former Braves catcher and Yankees and Braves manager. Also pictured is a card of Pete Rose, baseball's all-time hits leader who is officially banned from the game because of his association with gambling.

Also included is a photostream of more of my collection, which includes Hall Of Famer Steve Carlton, and the late Clete Boyer, a former Braves and Yankees third baseman.

Boyer, by the way, died in 2007 in Buford, and his memorial service was held at Shadowbrook Baptist Church in Suwanee.

So now we wonder, do youngsters still collect baseball cards, in the era of fantasy leagues? How many Jeff Francoeur cards does it take to get a Chipper Jones? Or has it gone the way of the manual typewriter?

Tell us about your history with baseball cards, your favorites, etc. Also, upload the best ones.

Bob Williams April 05, 2012 at 05:13 PM
I still have my collection. Hundreds of cards. Some of my better ones include Ken Griffey (sr.), George Foster, Lou Brock, Dave Parker, Mike Schmidt, Willie Randolph, Lou Piniella, Reggie Jackson, Steve Carlton, and Ozzie Smith. I have Braves announcer Don Sutton in a '83 card when he pitched for the Brewers. A few odd ones: * Danny Ainge who played basket ball for the Celtics. I have an '81 card of him in a Blue Jays uniform. * Bruce Sutter - Another '81 card that says Cardinals, but the photo has him in a Cubs uniform. * Bo Knows - For the Auburn fans, I have a Bo Jackson '90 card. KC Royals.
Steve Burns April 05, 2012 at 05:41 PM
Love it!


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