Mill Creek Dance Team Member Places First in State Championship

Samantha Jensen works hard to compete and succeed at the highest levels in dance competition and choreography.

Samantha Jensen, a junior at and dance team member, recently placed first in the state of Georgia at the Universal Dance Association sanctioned state championship held in Peachtree City. More than 25 schools from across the state and well over 50 dancers competed in the solo division.

“The best way to describe Samantha is that dance really is her,” Jensen’s mother Trish Jensen said proudly. “Dance shapes her, moves her, and propels her through life.”

Jensen said Samantha usually works 26 hours per week on her dance skills in classes and rehearsals.  Samantha dedicates her time to dance first and foremost. She often makes the choice to miss a party or a celebration that her friends might be attending, but she does it because dance is her love and her passion.   

"Samantha once told me ‘Dance is what makes me feel at home, it is where I am meant to be’,” Jensen said.

Samantha really enjoys all aspects of dance, and is not only a great dancer but also excels in the choreography skills that go into creating an exceptional dance program.

“Susan Cross at Mill Creek gives students the chance to do their own choreography in her program in the spring,” Jensen explained. “Starting Samantha’s freshman year, she became interested in choreography. As a sophomore she actually helped out a lot with the Mill Creek dance team choreography and they won first in pom and first in jazz in state.”

This year Samantha choreographed a program called “Tribute to 9-11” that was submitted to the National High School Dance Adjudication Committee.

“The program that Samantha choreographed was accepted out of 57 schools across United States, Canada, Australia and Bermuda,” Jensen said.

Click here for more information on the Mill Creek Dance Team.

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