MoveOn With Your Spin

MoveOn.org's infiltration of a government town hall meeting and national media spin can't create a scene that didn't happen or change truths.

The spinmasters at Arianna Huffington's old liberal rag are hard at it again with a recent piece lambasting Congressman Rob Woodall's words at the Dacula town hall meeting last Saturday. I don't put much stock into the words of the Huffington Post- where folks seem to make a regular habit out of not hearing what is actually being said and then presenting themselves as experts on what transpired!

I was present at that particular town hall and have a very different view of what the 7th District Rep. said or didn't say.  He DID NOT ANGRILY TELL THEM TO TAKE CARE OF THEIRSELVES, as both the Huff Post and the Washington Post have intimated! All he did was calmly make the point that we should learn to depend upon ourselves to provide for our futures and not just sit by and wait for the government to do so. It is a valid observation.

Too many people do little their whole lives to prepare for old age. This line of reasoning disturbs those who find such personal responsibility and choice a frightening thought. Freedom demands choices. The fact of the matter is that this country has a debilitating debt- we are running out of money. Why do people moan and groan that they won't be taken care of by the government, instead of trying to find ways to do their part by expecting less from that same overburdened government?

Rep. Woodall, with his characteristic honesty, simply said to that one lady mentioned in Huff, that there were a lot of countries where one could have their healthcare needs taken care of. He was stating a fact. But then he stressed his belief that nowhere else on Earth , but here in America, is there the TOTAL FREEDOM to work hard during your life, succeed or fail based on your own determination and provide for yourself.

What I heard from all of this was that we are responsible for ourselves in the end and maybe we ought to appreciate the freedoms we have to accomplish and provide for ourselves and our families which would set a good example for our children.

What I heard was a heartfelt, earnest plea from an elected official who is made painfully aware every day he goes to work in Washington of this reality: the government is not going to be able to keep making a life for the millions of Americans who expect it. People want honesty from government leaders until they get that honesty-then its not so welcome if its not what they want to hear!!

Yes, Congressman Woodall was voicing his frustration with folks who have come so much to expect government help that they can no longer even envision helping themselves!  However, there was no callousness, as the Washington Post assessed, and no angry demeanor towards anyone. Those with ulterior motives who seized on the (so conveniently provided by the DNC) want to make claims  that are not backed up by the actual video itself. The tone of Rob Woodall was his usual: patient, gracious, and fully engaged in listening and responding to audience questions. 

The Gwinnett chapter of MoveOn.org who were asked to attend Woodall's Dacula townhall in an attempt to stir up controversy have their own agenda which involves persuading Georgia Republicans that their Conservative leaders are out to harm them and they should re-elect Barack Obama in 2012.  They have convinced themselves, though God only knows what its based on, that the state of Georgia is in play as a Blue State in the 2012 elections. Those of us who live here (as opposed to those who live farther North and only wish they lived here), are laughing at this notion.

We watched in Nov. 2010 as the Gold Dome went as red as red can be. Every constitutional office is held by a Republican. Republican Congressman greatly outnumber Democrat Congressman. Both of our senators are Republican. What we need to start doing is pack every single townhall of every single Republican elected official and let the MoveOn. org and Huffington Posts of this world in on a little secret: They are COLOR BLIND!! Red is NOT blue!  We support our Conservative leaders!


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Dave Emanuel May 25, 2011 at 09:31 PM
Anyone who has had any dealings with Rob Woodall knows his primary concerns are what's best for his constituents and what's best for his country. Liberals may not agree with his opinions, but the smart ones know, his integrity is unquestionable. Unfortunately, many liberals, particularly those associated with groups like MoveOn, will say or do anything to discredit a conservative. These are small-minded people who are incapable of discussing issues honestly and openly. They don't even deserve to be in the same room with a person like Mr. Woodall.
Jimmy Orr May 25, 2011 at 09:49 PM
Ditto, Patrick. Vanessa wrote a fine article. I especially liked what she said about us Pubs packing the town hall meetings and that MoveOn.org and the Huffington Post need to realize that Georgia is a RED state.
Ray Newman May 25, 2011 at 10:01 PM
Great article, Vanessa. The spin is in, but spinning the wrong way for this RED state. Support is strong for our Congressman, Woodall.
John Cook May 26, 2011 at 01:47 PM
Two sayings packed full of wisdom that I learned as a child should be applied to the moveon.org people at the meeting: Learn from the mistakes of others; and Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it. The wise folks in that room had learned prior to the meeting that recently the nation of Greece got into serious financial trouble doing exactly what moveon.org is wanting—cradle to grave nurse-maiding by the government for everyone. Other nations in Europe are in a questionable financial condition because of the same mentality. The moveon folks evidently don’t pay attention to current events or they would be asking the important question that European countries have ignored: How can we pay for this? If we “tax the rich” and take 90% or even 100% of what they make in a year, we still could not pay for the programs they want. When my great-granddaddy and his father were blacksmiths in Norcross and Duluth, everyone was a member of a church and four or five civic organizations and lodges. They took care of the down-on-their-luck people in the community. When "liberal" people see the needy, they join moveon and demand that someone else pay for it instead of looking at the dictionary meaning of liberal. It seems that these moveon members would donate their money where it would do the most good instead of supporting organizations that demand that others do what they are too stingy to do.
Jimmy Orr May 26, 2011 at 03:24 PM
John, that was a great comment to Vanessa's great article. Remember though that a MoveOn.org member's head is planted so firmly up their behind it's unlikely they will ever have nor recognize another point of view.


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