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Upper Cervical Care
3635 Braselton Hwy, Dacula, GA 30019

Upper Cervical Care chiropractic clinic is a national health care solutions group. At this office, doctors assistMore patients with variety of treatments for upper cervical issues, fibromyalgia, neck injuries and other health issues. Dr. Nicholas Tedder and Dr. Adam Tedder are the primary specialists on site.

According to Dr. Adam Tedder, "Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is a form of health care that helps people get well, and more importantly, stay well naturally without the use of drugs and surgery. Upper Cervical Care focuses in the upper neck, and more specifically the brainstem. The brainstem controls all healing and function in the body. If it is healthy, the body maintains health. If the brainstem is unhealthy, the body grows sick. It is a very simple, yet profound concept. We have amazing results with a wide variety of conditions from fibromyalgia, MS, pain syndromes, ear infections, asthma, seizure disorders, and other health conditions."

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