David F. Uhry, DC, CCSP
Dr. Dave is a throwback to the doctors your mom used to haul you off to see when you were a child. He is extremely personable, has a great sense of humor, is compassionate and possesses a knack for putting even the most leery patient immediately at ease. Most important, he is an experienced health care professional who has been getting people back on their feet, then helping them to enjoy a better quality of life.
  Dr. Dave is so "old school" he makes himself available to patients seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Why, he'll even make the occasional house call to treat a patient who is immobilized. Who does that these days?  He has provided expert chiropractic care to persons in Georgia andPennsylvania during his sixteen-plus years of practice. Over the years he has developed expertise in a broad range of chiropractic conditions, including injuries resulting from automobile accidents, disc problems, scoliosis, TMJ disorders, chronic headache sufferers and all types of sports and work-related injuries. He is also employs six certified massage therapists, two reflexology Therapists and a licensed esthetician. Recently he earned the distinction of being one of only a few Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians in Georgia. Additionally, he provides experienced testimony in law suits involving bodily injury. Dr. Dave attributes his success to his philosophy of treating patients. It is old school, too. He prides himself on listening intently to what concerns his patients most and answering all their questions without confusing them with medical jargon. "I like to treat patients the way I would want to be treated; with compassion, integrity and the utmost professionalism. Time is never a factor. He is relentless in his quest to get to the cause of the patient's condition, taking the time to administer additional tests or to consult with other professionals to ensure that he diagnoses the patient's condition correctly and provides the appropriate care.  Unlike many chiropractors, Dr. Dave doesn't want you hanging around his office for unnecessary treatments. He wants to identify the cause or causes of your pain, treat it and send you back out into the world better able to make a living, raise your kids and enjoy life's pleasures.  Dr. Dave, his wife and their four children, reside in Hamilton Mill and have served the Dacula area since 2001.    Dr. Dave's Promise We'll treat you with compassion, integrity and the utmost professionalism, with the goal of helping you get better as quickly as possible. We'll teach you on how to manage your condition so it doesn't manage you. I'd rather have you out there singing our praises, than living in my office in pain. We care about two things: getting you better and our reputation - and we won't compromise on either of those.   Education: Graduate of Life Chiropractic University 1996  Licensure: 1996 State of Pennsylvania 2001 State of Georgia  2012 Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Memberships & Associations: Georgia Chiropractic Association  American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians  Top    
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