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What shall I say here? How about, "For those who do not know, no explanation is possible; for those who do, none is necessary?" Eh, that's not too helpful, is it?
Perhaps I will simply say that I am a middle-aged (not-quite) Southern man, previously married, a father of children, a vet in more than one sense (but not a veterinarian), an enjoyer of music, and most importantly, a lover of bunnies. Ummm, right. Okay. You know, rabbits. I like them. Not THAT way! But yeah. Er. I tell you what: I'll blog about my rabbits (and other pets), and you can tell me if I'm nuts, or just off my rocker. We can swap stories and ideas about our pets and such, because although I have some experience, I don't consider myself an expert, and I'm sure I can learn far more from you all than you can from me. And hey, pets are fun! Who doesn't like to talk (and hear!) about how great our Fuzzykins are? Mostly, I just hope to inform, entertain, and pass a little time over the back fence here with my North Georgia neighbors. I look forward to meeting all of you, and hearing about your furry (scaly, feathery, etc.) friends in the days to come.
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Pat's thoughts on living with house rabbits and other furry friends.
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